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ThinkCure! is an innovative, community-based nonprofit that raises funds to accelerate collaborative research to cure cancer. Learn more »

Mission & History

Our Mission

ThinkCure! is an innovative, community-based non-profit that raises funds to accelerate collaborative research to cure cancer.

Our Vision

Patient and doctor

More than 11.1 million people in the United States are living with a previous diagnosis of cancer, far higher than the 3 million who were cancer survivors in 1971. Today, 65 percent of people with cancer are expected to live at least five years after their diagnosis, according to the National Cancer Institute. For children, the statistics are even brighter. 30 years ago, about half of children with cancer were eventually cured. Today, 90% are cured. That’s a testament to the value of research. Because of research, more and more kids and adults are beating cancer and returning to the ballpark, the beach, the mountains, or wherever they love to be, as survivors.

We aim to find the cure for cancers by funding innovative research projects at City of Hope. How do we do this?

  • Convene an objective, peer-based panel of expert doctors.
  • Award two-year grant applications once every year.
  • Fund the most promising, collaborative and cutting edge cancer research projects that can involve other top cancer research hospitals.

At ThinkCure!, we rely on community support, calling on everyone in our community to get involved and make a difference in the fight against cancer.

ThinkCure!’s partner and beneficiary is one of the leading cancer research institutions, City of Hope (COH).

Their scientist's collaborate to better understand and treat brain tumors, leukemia, lymphoma, neuroblastoma and other cancers. Additionally, researchers in bone marrow transplantation at City have joined forces to look for cures for children and adults with cancer. They are also developing clinical trials to evaluate new immune therapies to improve cancer treatments.

COH belongs to the Children’s Oncology Group, a network of top institutions that evaluate new drugs and treatments throughout the nation. In addition, City of Hope is a member of Therapeutic Advances for Childhood Leukemia, a group of cancer centers that rapidly develop and open early clinical trials of potential new therapies for children whose cancer has returned despite treatment. This research leads to better treatments for both children and adults.

This is only the beginning. In an era defined by collaboration, City of Hope is poised to make even greater contributions. Their scientists will leverage their expertise in the fields that are crucial to modern cancer research. These include: immunotherapy, which uses the immune system to fight cancer; T-cell therapy, the transfusion of disease-fighting cells to combat cancer; new customized drugs and targets to better treat a variety of cancers, among many others.

Read more about City of Hope

Our History

ThinkCure! was endowed as a gift to Los Angeles from the McCourt Family and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and we celebrate our heritage and roots in sport through developing active events and ways for our community to get involved in a cause we can all believe in: curing cancer in our lifetime.

Join our team. Donate now or pledge your support to help find cures for cancer, starting with research right here in Los Angeles.