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ThinkCure! is an innovative, community-based nonprofit that raises funds to accelerate collaborative research to cure cancer. Learn more »

How We’re Different

ThinkCure! is different from many other cancer-focused nonprofits because we highlight the need for collaborative research in our grantmaking process, in partnership with Los Angeles-area hospitals.

Collaborative research:

  • Connects different doctors and hospitals, creating a structure for them to work together in cancer research. 
  • Enables more trials, a broader patient set and a greater pool of resources, which accelerates the progress of research and cures for cancer.
  • Requires that doctors work together towards finding cures for cancer, creating an atmosphere of cooperation and promoting innovation and discovery.

ThinkCure! works smarter, just like you. We don’t have a large administrative staff like many charities do. We take the money you contribute and then give it to the best cancer research proposals -- all judged by an objective group of scientists who rank the proposals on their merit.

We work smarter by giving financial incentives to researchers to work together, instead of competitively.   If top cancer researchers work together, they will discover better cancer treatments faster -- and deliver those treatments to our families and loved ones.  And some of those new discoveries -- just like the space program that led us to the moon -- may lead us to the cure for cancer in our lifetime.

Take a look at some of our survivor stories to hear more about why we do what we do, and donate now to be a part of this unique paradigm in cancer research, working to find cures for cancers.