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ThinkCure! is an innovative, community-based nonprofit that raises funds to accelerate collaborative research to cure cancer. Learn more »

Research & Impact

The purpose of the ThinkCure! grant program is to advance cures for cancers by providing funding for collaborative research that is directed to cancer in both children and adults. 

ThinkCure! is an integral part of the Los Angeles community. We want to make life better for Angelinos by ending a disease that touches us all.

Cancer, researchers say, is currently at its “man on the moon” moment.  Even if we don’t quite know exactly how we’ll reach victory, we can see victory within reach.  Forty years ago, only 3 million Americans were cancer survivors -- today, it’s more than 12 million! Thirty years ago, about half of the children with cancer were cured; today, the cure rate is 90 percent!

So here’s how we decided to try to make a difference...
We raise the money, and then we turn it over to the researchers to work collaboratively to find important discoveries and cures. The researchers are based at City of Hope in Duarte, and the effects of our fundraising and research will soon be felt all over the region as ThinkCure! grants grow and expand. .

Who benefits? Every one of us.  Just read some of the stories from survivors to see how your donations make a difference in people’s lives.

Read more about how collaborative research helps us accelerate work finding cures for cancers, and find out how we select grant recipients.