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ThinkCure! is an innovative, community-based nonprofit that raises funds to accelerate collaborative research to cure cancer. Learn more »

Why Give?

ThinkCure! is part of the Los Angeles community. We live and work here and want to make life better here. There are many good causes out there. Our cause is to end a disease that touches everyone’s life.

Cancer, the researchers say, is at its “man on the moon” moment. Even if we don’t quite know exactly how we’ll reach victory, we can see victory within reach.  Forty years ago, only 3 million Americans were cancer survivors -- today, it’s more than 12 million! Thirty years ago, about half of the children with cancer were cured; today, the cure rate is 90 percent!

Your donations or support in any amount can help us reach this goal.  Donate now or take a look at all the ways you can support ThinkCure! and join us in the fight to beat cancer!